Reasons to be popular

By OnLevel’s Gary Dean.

Whether in a residential setting such as a decked garden, or a commercial environment like a hotel balcony, you are sure to spot the humble glass clamp.

For several decades glass clamps have become popular due to their minimal look and secure fixing capabilities.

There are many benefits to using a glass balustrade with glass clamps, including the aesthetic benefits of large panels of glass with clamps to create the all-glass look. A glass clamp balustrade can make any interior or exterior space look bright and airy.

Toughened glass and metal glass clamps are tremendously tough and durable. When used in combination to create balustrading the result is a safe and secure barrier or screening.

Additionally, glass clamp balustrades are very easy to clean and maintain. A simple lint-free cloth and a good glass cleaner is all you’ll need to keep your glass balustrade looking new.

Most of the glass clamps on the market are similar in design, both mechanically and aesthetically: an L-shaped bracket that can be screwed into the post and base rail, and a double-sided rubber insert that holds the glass panel in place, with a plate to complete the clamp.

The clamps are typically square, rectangular, or rounded ‘D’ shape in style, with a flat or radius back depending on the profile of the surface the clamp is being fixed to. Installation of traditional glass clamps can be a tricky process, with multiple parts and gaskets to disassemble and reassemble to ensure the correct clamp thickness.

We launched Kronos, a first fully adjustable glass clamp, in 2018. The simplistic glass clamp fixes glass securely and swiftly, via a simple one-piece connection, which means the clamp can be taken straight out of the box and fixed into place, removing the need to assemble/disassemble a traditional multi-part clamp and tricky rubber gaskets.

Kronos passed the ASTM B117 salt spray test (1,000 hours), meaning the zinc-nickel coated stainless steel clamp is assured to be rustproof.

Made in Germany from one piece of high-performance stainless steel it fits all post connections, flat, 42mm and 48mm posts from 8mm to 12.76mm glass with no fiddly pieces to buy separately (or lose).

Just one clamp is required for all applications. Covers protect the whole surface and ensure a sleek smooth professional look from both sides of the clamp.

To complement a broad range of interior spaces and applications, the Kronos glass clamp is available in a range of finishes.

The Kronos Glass Clamp was first launched in Germany and France, winning the prestigious Gold Award for innovation at the Batimat exhibition in Paris.