Real progress

The Conservatory and Window Company has taken advantage of Real Aluminium’s aluminium package and upped turnover by at least 20% in less than two years, the company has announced. Aluminium now accounts for around 40% of the Bristol-based installer’s work.

The Conservatory and Window Company predominantly offered PVCU products and decided to expand by introducing aluminum into its range to make the most of growing demand. Since working with Real Aluminium, the firm now offers windows, bifolding doors, sliding doors, French doors, residential doors, flat rooflights and lantern roofs.

Kevin Bray, managing director of The Conservatory and Window Company, said: “PVCU has always been our bread and butter, but we wanted to expand and future-proof our operation by tapping into new opportunities with a company we could rely on. Aluminium represents an enormous growth area in this industry and we saw the potential for it to enhance our business. It has, however, been historically challenged by lengthy lead times and unpredictable service, which had deterred us from making the move earlier. When we heard Real Aluminium had the support and strength we needed to enter the lucrative world of aluminium, we naturally took notice.

“Aluminium is an attractive proposition for any installer because it opens them up to a more affluent customer base and brings generous profit margins, but we knew that we needed to choose the right partner to help us ramp up the business and achieve the sustained growth we were looking for. We have a long 20-year alliance with Customade Group, which owns the Real Aluminium brand, and, as we were already working with the group for our PVC offering, this gave us the confidence that we would be dealing with a reliable partner with a strong pedigree behind it.”

Kevin said he was impressed with the team at Real Aluminium, particularly his dedicated account manager who is in in contact regularly and is on hand to guide him through the product range and provide all the necessary support to quote, order, sell and install aluminium.

“The shorter lead times of Real Aluminium and the level of support that we receive has enabled us to effectively double our aluminium business in the last two years,” Kevin said.