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Kensington Windows recently added the WarmCore bifolding door from Bison Frames to its portfolio.

Steve McGinty, operations director at Kensington Windows, said: “When we started buying from Bison Frames, we were just buying vertical sliders. We had used several different suppliers and experienced problems from all of them – we had quality issues, missing parts and products just not being manufactured very well. But after our first order from Bison we phoned them and asked them to thank the guys in the factory for doing such a good job.

“As a fabricator ourselves, we set our standards high. We’re never more than 1mm out and even we are in awe of the quality that Bison produce time and time again. So, when we wanted to add the WarmCore bifolding door to our range, there was no question as to who we wanted to manufacture it. We know we can rely on them for a quality finish every time.”

Martyn Haworth of Bison Frames, said: “We constantly design in new features and customer benefits – for example, we can Graf-weld our windows and doors for seamless joints and a smoother finish – all of which helps to make our products better and keeps our customers ahead of the competition.”

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