Pen and paper quotations

A quarter of installers rely on pen and paper when producing quotations for homeowners, according to a new industry report.

The study, commissioned by Windowlink and completed in conjunction with Insight Data, asked installers a range of questions about their business: what products they sell, what challenges they face during the selling process, and what would make securing new business easier.

When asked how they produced quotes for homeowners, 38% of installers said they used independent specialist software, 38% said they used software provided by their fabricator, and 24% said they still relied on pen and paper.

In citing the main issues they faced during sales pitches, 77% of installers named competitors selling products too cheaply as the key obstacle. When asked what would make the sales process easier, 23% said the ability to show end-users how products will look once installed in their home, and 15% singled out the ability to be able to produce quick, accurate quotes on the spot as a key factor that could help them win more business.

Mark Dudley, Windowlink MD, said: “A huge number of installers are clearly feeling the pressure in the current market, citing tough competition as one of the main challenges they have to overcome when trying to make sales.

“At Windowlink, we designed Vector and Focus to make selling as easy as possible, enabling you to produce instant quotes and create an extremely professional first impression. During a sales pitch, you can use the software to calculate a price right in front of your customer’s eyes, making them far more inclined to trust and accept the cost.

“One of the most popular features is the ability to superimpose product images onto a photograph of the prospective customer’s property. This enables the customer to visualise what the finished installation will look like, making them more likely to go ahead with the sale.”