Peace of mind key to success

By Gary Dean, OnLevel.

Post system glass balustrading is commonplace throughout the UK, featuring internally and externally on a number of applications.

Whether used externally on balconies to provide a secure barrier with clear views, or internally on a staircase to provide light and airy spaces, post balustrading is clearly here to stay.

The popularity of post system glass balustrading has led to widespread availability and choice. So how do you choose the right solution? Whether your project is internal or external it’s safe to assume you want the balustrading to last, especially if outdoors. The British weather will undoubtedly take its toll on substandard installations.

OnLevel’s Empire State Post System is high quality railing system providing speed of installation, cost savings and, importantly, peace of mind. The system has a 2mm material thickness to ensure a reliable and long-lasting railing framework that will remain in great shape for years to come. The Empire State Post System is available in 42.4mm diameter with the further option of a stainless steel V4A finish for a modern, safe, aesthetically pleasing installation.

The Empire State Post System is a completely pre-assembled post system for all-glass balustrade systems. It features the Kronos Glass Clamp, is quick and easy to fit, and reduces installation time.

All posts are prepared for a speedy installation; the threads for fixing the clamps are pre-drilled for straightforward fitting. Furthermore, OnLevel offers the ‘extended version’ option with the adjustable Kronos clamps also pre-assembled to save time. You can expect to save up to 40 minutes of installation time when compared to all other standard products.

The Empire State Post System is a fantastic product and the number of repeat orders for it speaks volumes.

We have been busy extending our range of stainless-steel railings items with the promise of more to come in a new catalogue this summer. In the meantime, we ask you to give us a call to find out what’s available as the range grows weekly.