Viiu has passed the new more stringent security standard PAS24-2016.

Viiu offers ultra-slim sightlines, secure laminated glass throughout and an unobtrusive design. With the outer-frame entirely built into the facade, it gives the appearance of a wall of glass, strong enough to support moving glass sections of up to 750kg, and fixed glass sections up to 1,200kg.

But it’s the product’s unusually slim yet robust interlock section that’s allowed it to achieve much sought-after PAS24-2016 accreditation, the company said.

Viiu sales director Rod Tate said: “The PAS24-2016 process is extremely challenging. It was recently updated to stipulate the interlocks should not part by 50mm under 450kgs of force from both sides. As a result, most systems on the market found themselves in trouble. They simply hadn’t been designed to withstand that level of force.

“During testing, most slim interlocks bend under the pressure, often resulting in gaps bigger than the magic figure of 50mm – the minimum amount of space a would-be intruder could realistically get their arm through. Viiu is the first and – as-yet – only system to stand up to that level of force.”

A motorised option is also available and its drive gear is discreetly housed in the unit’s 100m head profile, which itself is hidden behind the building’s facade.

Viiu comes with automatic obstruction detection on motorised models, and a choice of wall-mounted or key fob operation.