On reflection

Pilkington UK has launched a new mirror product that is resistant to humidity and corrosion, adding to its Pilkington Optimirror range.

Pilkington Mirropane Chrome is an off-line coated mirror product, which can be toughened, bent and laminated. It’s available in standard thicknesses of 4mm-8mm, with other thicknesses available on request.

The product is resistant to natural atmospheric corrosion, so mirrors don’t develop black edges and spot faults, which can harm their appearance. This makes it suitable for use in a variety of interior and decorative settings including, gyms, bathrooms, swimming baths, or as kitchen splash backs, where high humidity can damage standard mirrors over time.

The off-line coating gives the product its superior resistance to humidity and corrosion in comparison to the existing Pilkington Optimirror products, the company said.

Product manager Leo Pyrah said: “There’s an increasing demand from specifiers for mirror products that offer resistance to harsh environments where there is an increased risk of atmospheric corrosion, or where mirrors are at risk of human impact.

“Areas that have high humidity are often places that are at greater risk of accidents too, like in gyms, where people are active and moving around, or in swimming baths, where surface water can be a slip hazard. This can, of course, be a danger if glass products are present. The ability to toughen and laminate the new Pilkington Mirropane Chrome product therefore helps designers and specifiers to put safety at the heart of their projects.

“We’re actively developing and innovating our well-established product lines to open new doors for designers and specifiers. Look out for further additions to our mirror range later in the year.”