No monkeying around

OnLevel has launched Banana Slide, a pre-assembled sliding door system for 50kg and 80kg glass applications.

Banana Slide is a sleek sliding door system with clean lines and a minimal appearance. It’s perfect for creating unimposing partitions and light-filled interior spaces, the company said.

The system uses ‘clamping technology’ to provide a permanent connection between roller and carriage. Doors can be adjusted from the front, and for height adjustment there is a release bolt.

Banana Slide is available with a double-sided soft-close system (minimum door width of 700mm) as standard and comes with a one-part rattle-free bottom guide for all glass thicknesses. The system can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted, with minimum distance from the wall – only a sheet of paper will fit in between, the company said.

For door dimensions below 2,000mm x 1,000mm, Banana Slide 50 is suitable for sliding doors up to 50 kg without fixed sidelight, and for toughened glass thicknesses of 8mm and 10mm.

For larger applications, OnLevel recommends the Banana Slide 80 for sliding doors up to 80kg without fixed sidelight, and suitable for toughened glass thicknesses of 8mm and 10mm, and toughened laminated glass thicknesses of 8.76mm and 10.76mm.

Banana Slide 80 is suitable for wooden sliding doors starting from 35mm thick, and OnLevel can offer Banana Slide for 150kg applications (upon request).

Gary Dean, managing director of OnLevel UK, said: “We’re extremely pleased with the system, and the initial feedback from customers has been excellent. Banana Slide, like all of OnLevel’s solutions, is competitively priced and provides real benefits to the installer and user alike.”