Easy streamlined finish

Creating a streamlined finish when installing glass balustrades has never been easier, or safer, than with TaperLoc from CRL, the company said, which now has a new base shoe to create a flush fit.

Allowing quick and easy slab edge installations, TaperLoc can now be installed flush with the slab edge and from the safe side, without the need for scaffolding. This improved TaperLoc base shoe means installers can avoid drilling holes in the slab edge to fix the balustrade flush. The fixings are set slightly back from the slab edge, preventing the risk of crumbling.

“The Taperloc dry-glazed railing system significantly reduces fitting times, thanks to its unique design that uses precision tension to secure the glass in the base shoe,” the company said. “Using CRL’s exclusive TLK12 installation and removal tool, the tapers simply slide horizontally in the base shoe before being compressed, expanding and locking into place. Installation and maintenance can be completed from the safe side of the balustrade from start to finish.”

Taperloc is tested to meet building code requirements in accordance with BS6180-2011. The system uses a horizontal design, allowing it to be adjusted, dismantled and re-set within minutes and with no need for cladding. Supplied in a brushed nickel anodised finish, a safety seal gasket for safe side installations can also be supplied.