New woodgrain emboss

Renolit has developed a three-dimensional VLF emboss to meet the desire for greater authenticity.

The dynamic deep grain structure displays a brushed and sandblasted surface, which is also very robust.

“We combined the matt and even feel with proven scratch resistance,” Franz-Josef Weber, product manager in the Renolit Eexterior business unit, said.

VLF has a natural appearance, reflecting current hardwood trends, and four different oak designs were exhibited at Fensterbau.

The light Ginger Oak embodies the natural wood concept, while the dark Amaranth Oak occupies the other end of the colour scale. Somewhere in the middle lies Honey Oak, which “radiates a special warmth”, whereas the light grey sheen of the bleached “Weissbach Oak” appears more distant and restrained.

“When combined with solid colours, VLF is a stylish accompaniment to modern architecture and reminiscent of freshly painted solid wood,” the company said.

In contrast, the smooth matt emboss Ulti-Matt has a “gloss level between 1.0 and 3.5 [which] gives the surface an almost sanded appearance,” Leon James, product manager at Renolit’s UK manufacturing site, said.

Produced in Renolit Exofol PX high-performance film grade, it provides an alternative to powder coating. Ulti-Matt’s appeal was displayed in conjunction with white, cream, anthracite grey, and the new ‘real black’, which is also available with the VLF and classic woodgrain textures.

At Fensterbau, short films conveyed details about the structure of films, professional cleaning and repair films, as well as the newly developed marker that enables recognition of genuine Renolit films.

Movement also played a part in the presentation of the colour and décor collections; alternating designs were projected onto the surface of an 8m media table, which formed the central axis of the exhibition stand and served as meeting and hospitality tables.