New retrofit window sill

Rehau has introduced its first two-part retrofit window sill, which acts as a preventative solution against one of the most frequent snagging issues known to delay building completions.

The two-part retrofit window sill is designed to be completed at the very end of a build, once the risk of any on-site damage has passed.

The easy-to-install, two-part product configurationensures that the nose of the window sill can be added at the closing stages of the project, avoiding the risk of costly damage to traditional one-piece window sills that may have previously been incurred during construction work, Rehau said.

Once clipped into place, the window sill is completely secure, reducing the risk of snapping and the need for any subsequent repair work.

The two-part arrangement of the window sill makes it perfect for offsite construction as the prominent window sill nose can be clipped on after delivery and assembly, avoiding any danger of damage in transit.

For developers and builders in particular, the product’s built-in drainage channel ensures any water that does get into the window is drained away without risking damage to the property’s brickwork.

Malcolm Taylor, product manager at Rehau, said: “By bringing this product to market, we’re confident that we can alleviate some of the mounting time and cost pressures on developers to deliver projects on time and with no snagging issues further down the line.”