New podcast

The second episode of Maconnect, the podcast series created by Maco UK, sees host Mark Enderby joined by Maco UK head of product, services and innovation Craig Bryant.

First discussing the importance of innovation and how customer feedback influenced Maco’s two most recent product releases – A-TS and MKV – both launched at FIT SHOW 2019. Both solutions were developed and created on the basis of what Maco’s partners and supply chain needed.

Craig Bryant said: “It is really important we have to ensure in everything we do that it fits what our partners want and need. But we do not start with a product in mind, we work on the assumption that a customer buys products to fulfil a job, understanding the jobs to be done, that’s the key.”

The podcast then moves onto the plans Maco did have for Fensterbau Frontale and how they have adapted the stand into a digital tour. The interesting highlights in this part were the extent of Maco’s product solutions across windows, doors and sliding doors. In particular the solutions Maco has within lift and slide patio doors due to its partnership with Hatau.

This second podcast follows on from the first episode which Maco UK managing director Kevin Whiting discussed the importance of adaptability, and how Maco had to continue to do this due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Between podcasts Maco released details of its new standard surface protection, which is set to raise the standard for surface protection of hardware across the entire Maco portfolio, the company said.

Silverlook Evo – the new surface hardware protection technologies with self-healing properties (tribologically sealed) – has a self-lubricating surface that reduces friction and corrosion ensuring that the fittings remain protected for longer.

As with human skin, which heals itself when minor injuries occur, the nano-capsules within the top layer act as a reservoir for both lubricants and corrosion protective substances. If the surface becomes damaged, the substances contained within the nano-capsules are released and fill the damaged area.

Craig and Mark also touch on this on Maconnect and discuss its advantages.