New patio lock solution

ERA has introduced a new patio door hook locking solution with an integrated dog bolt feature, slimline gearbox and locking clusters to solve several challenges commonly faced by fabricators and installers.

The company said unsightly plunge bolts can ruin the clean lines of patio doors, and they do not generally meet the building access requirements of Approved Document M. In addition, fitting them involves routing, which can be difficult and time-consuming, aligning them with associated keeps can be problematic, and re-aligning them is sometimes required on site after installation.

Also, the cost of their purchase and fitting in the factory can be high.

The integrated dog bolt in ERA’s new patio door lock solution is more cost-effective when the overall product cost, including manufacturing, labour and adjustments on site, are taken into account, the company said.

A 12-point lock version of the new patio door solution featuring the new dog bolt interlock means it can be used as part of a complete door to achieve compliance with PAS24 2016. In addition, it is designed to achieve both Approved Document Q and Document M, and is TS007 compliant.

The new patio door lock solution can be used as part of ERA’s Total Security Guarantee. Once a property is protected by ERA’s high security hardware, the company guarantees to replace the homeowner’s damaged window or door and pay out a cheque for £5,000, should the security be compromised.

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