New look

Avantek Machinery has launched its new website

Offering a more updated look and feel, the functionality of the new site is focused on offering a smooth experience for the user while showcasing Avantek’s machinery ranges and providing fabricators with options that are designed to streamline production processes.

Digital marketing manager Simone Sangha said: “The age-old adage of ‘If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ couldn’t be further from the ethos at Avantek.

“Part of the Flamstead Group and Quanex Building Products, the company has a well-earned reputation of investing in all the right areas of the business – and its digital platform is no different. We live in a truly digital age, where customers prefer to do their product research online before they commit to a decision, whether that’s research on the company itself, or on the various machines we offer.

“With this in mind, Avantek has revamped its site to provide excellent functionality, faster site speed and even intelligent suggestions for alternative machinery options. This is only the first phase of the release. We’re excited about what is coming later this summer, and we’re sure that our customers will be, too.”