New brochures

Dekko Window Systems has launched two new brochures, which showcase two premium product ranges: the Raum collection of aluminium windows and doors; and the Infinity range of seamlessly welded PVCU.

Sales director Kurt Greatrex said: “In an increasingly competitive market, installers need help to stand out from the crowd – and that’s exactly what we want to give them. With top quality sales material like this, it’s easy to quickly establish your credentials, and reassure homeowners that they’re dealing with a reputable, experienced installer.

“We want to go further than just producing identikit brochures, though. Going forward, we’re going to be putting great emphasis on supporting installers establish their own identities with end users in their area – as part of a campaign we’re calling Make It Yours. We’re going to be providing a huge range of customisable sales material that we can help them personalise with their own logos and other information about their business.”

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