Winning the consumer’s trust

According to Julian Slade, Ultraframe CEO, there’s more to the overall Ultraframe offer than just innovation: the Ultraframe Ultra Installer scheme has become the first installation scheme in the glass and glazing industry to meet the Which? Trusted Traders high standards.

At the heart of all our innovation is the desire to develop new roof systems that enable our customers to win a broad range of work. From traditional conservatories to home extensions, requiring a solid roof, glass roof or something in between, it’s been our absolute focus to ensure our network partners can specify an Ultraframe system for every type of project.

With the launch of UltraSky Roof at the FIT Show, we’ve now got a solution for every job. Yet, we also recognise that consumers don’t just choose an installer based on product alone, it’s the whole package, from the initial enquiry, through to the design phase and the installation – it’s that appreciation of the sales process that has always underpinned the Ultra Installer scheme, ensuring that every Ultra Installer meets a rigorous set of standards, ensuring customer satisfaction every time.

We are absolutely delighted that the Ultraframe Ultra Installer Scheme has met the Which? Trusted Traders high standards for an approved service endorsement.

Which?, the largest consumer body in the UK, has been testing products and services for nearly 60 years. All Ultra Installers now undertake a double assessment process from both Ultraframe and Which? Trusted Traders to become part of the Which? Trusted Trader Approved Ultra Installer Service.

The Ultraframe part of the assessment concentrates on the onsite abilities of the installers, while the Which? Trusted Traders assessment concentrates on the consumer-focused parts of the service such as: customer care, insurance, consumer protection and professional conduct.

The Ultra Installer scheme will be the first Which? Trusted Trader Approved Service installation scheme in the glass and glazing industry and sends a strong and clear message to homeowners and consumers about the quality and integrity of Ultraframe’s Ultra Installer Scheme.

By working with Which? Trusted Traders we are making a powerful statement to home improvers about the quality of service and installation they can expect from an Ultra Installer. This service promise is of course backed up by our market-leading roof systems, which combined deliver an unmatchable level of reassurance and quality for consumers.

Installers that grasp the potency of the Which? Trusted Traders brand when it comes to consumer confidence will see the clear benefits of this partnership. It will enable Ultra Installers to differentiate themselves locally and win a lot more business.

Tim Wade, from Which? Trusted Traders explained the value of the scheme: “Which? Trusted Traders is an endorsement scheme that recognises reputable traders who successfully pass an assessment process carried out by trading standards professionals.

“The Which? Trusted trader logo is a sign of reputation and trust, helping consumers choose the right trader for them and giving good traders the recognition they deserve. The Ultra Installer Scheme has achieved the Which? Trusted Traders approved service endorsement, and can provide consumers with the additional confidence the scheme provides when choosing an Installer.”