New aluminium suction lifter

Bohle has introduced a new, aluminium, lever-operated Veribor manual suction lifter.

Available with a choice of two or three suction cups, the aluminium Veribor suction lifter has been designed to deliver a combination of safety, user comfort and durability.

The new lifter is subjected to rigorous quality and safety checks by Bohle, including a ‘tearing test’ in which it must withstand twice its official maximum load capacity.

The three-cup model is officially rated for a 100kg load capacity, and the two-cup model for a maximum of 60kg.

The latest addition to the Veribor range now features a wider distance between suction heads, providing a better distribution of weight and improved handling characteristics.

Bohle has also introduced larger diameter suction heads, which are designed to distribute pressure along the outer suction pad area for improved safety, and has upgraded the design of the Veribor’s levers.

These are now wider in diameter, with a higher position that makes them easier and more comfortable to operate.

A special feature of the three-cup aluminium Veribor lifter is that the third suction head lever can also be rotated through 90º and locked in three different positions. This is designed to reduce the width of the aluminium Veribor lifter when space is restricted.

Dave Broxton, managing director of Bohle, said: “We know that when it comes to handling and manually positioning glass, comfort and usability are important, but having 100% trust in the equipment you are using is paramount.

“Our range of Veribor manual suction lifters, including the latest aluminium version, is one of our most popular product lines. That success is due entirely to Bohle’s absolute commitment to quality and safety and the fact that our customers know that they can rely on Veribor to perform as promised.”