More view, fewer posts

Balconette is launching a new glass-walled balcony system – Hybrid.

It creates a new category of balustrade, to sit in between the traditional alternatives of post-supported and structural frameless glass. Hybrid balustrades offer the open views of frameless glass at the cost and convenience of the older post-supported styles.

The Hybrid category enables wide runs of glass with no, or few, vertical posts.

“People buy a glass balcony to enjoy the view, not look at a row of metal posts,” Balconette’s CEO Effi Wolff said. “Fully frameless glass gives great views, but is expensive and requires complex structural fittings. The Hybrid category offers the uninterrupted views of structural glass but at around half the cost.”

Hybrid uses invisible bracing within a self-supporting handrail, which achieves excellent structural integrity. The design of the rail means few vertical supports are required – often none at all.

Up to 4m glass runs are now possible without vertical supports – and where the balcony turns a corner, or is curved, the postless spans can be even longer. A three-sided balustrade square can have 12m without posts. In place of the extensive footings usually required for structural glass, Hybrid balustrades use slim surface-mounting which is easy for builders and even DIYers to install.

“We went back to the drawing-board to solve some long-standing problems with balustrade design,” Effi said. “The Hybrid category makes wide, open glass balustrades possible at a cost similar to old systems requiring a metal post every metre.

“Builders and developers tell us they love the ease of installation, and architects say it gives them a practical alternative to structural glass, with the same clean lines. Homeowners are effectively getting the most expensive style at half price.”