Minimal look pet doors

Pet-Tek offers discreet pet doors, specifically for glass applications.

Popular pet door models include the G-SDD Maxi Dual Glaze Glass Fitting Cat Door and the G-DD Glass Fitting Dog Door. Both ranges are available in clear or white options, are easy to fit, feature a four-way locking system, have a smooth quiet action, and larger flap openings.

Steven King, owner of Pet-Tek, said: “Our range of high quality pet doors is growing increasingly popular with pet owners, glaziers, architects, interior designers, self-builders and other door professionals.

“For the models that fit onto glass doors such as the G-SDD and G-DD, not only do they look great with their unobtrusive, slim line frames, but they are easier, quicker and more cost-effective to fit than traditional doors as they can be fitted to round cut-outs rather than more time consuming square cut-outs.”

Pet-Tek works closely with all industry professionals, whether they are installers/glaziers who require best-practice installation advice, or architects/designers who require design guidelines or product specification advice.

Pet-Tek also offers a range of high quality pet doors for wood, PVCU and composite doors. The pet doors are constructed of a resilient polycarbonate material, come with a three-year warranty, feature weather seals, and are quiet closing.