Management, intelligence and growth

Glasslines NZ recently returned to Jotika after experiencing a sustained period of growth.

Jotika had previously installed itsGtrak Glass ERP software over four years ago.

The initial implementation contributed to the increased efficiency of the business and enabled the opportunity for growth, the company said.

Now,four years on,Glasslines NZ has expanded and has invested in new machinery and software technology to improve its business.

Jotika recently implemented its Dashboard software, which is configured for individual business needs on the shop floor and office, to provide business intelligence instantly and in real time.

Further to this,Jotika integrated the Intermac cutting line with automated label application.

Stillage loading and management via barcode was also provided along with realtime loading production boards to improve the company’s otif figures.

Currently Glasslines NZ is investing in expanding its order import (EDI) capabilities to deliver an additional edge in customer service through software.