Quality and service outflank price

Dutemänn’s customers prize the company’s quality and reliability, alongside the knowledgeable staff’s quality service, according to a recent survey.

In a bid to ensure that the products and service constantly met the needs and expectations of those who bought from the aluminium products supplier, Dutemänn asked 16 of its biggest customers (chosen at random) a series of questions, including: why do you choose Dutemänn?; what do you like or dislike about the company?; what do you really value?; and what other products would you like Dutemänn to supply?

Managing director Martin James said the results demonstrated that the company’s strategy of targeting the premium end of the market, instead of racing to the bottom on price, was working.

“The quality and reliability of award-winning Dutemänn’s products were referred to on ten separate occasions,” he said, “which is more often than their price.

“Furthermore, our customers really value the contribution our staff make to their interactions with the company: drivers are reliable; office staff are easy to talk to; and technical staff are knowledgeable.”

Some of the survey responses singled out specific reasons why customers chose Dutemänn over competing companies.

One said: “Since I met Martin at the factory, I could tell they were a reputable company. Everything is meticulously wrapped – it’s their attention to detail.”

Another said: “Different to other companies, don’t feel like I’m being passed around a call centre. Entire staff is knowledgeable, with a con-do attitude.”

Martin also said that the survey provided the company with areas to improve on.

“This survey wasn’t just about us looking for a way to congratulate ourselves,” he said. “We are keen to be the very best we can be, and that means listening to our customers.”