Major milestone

Up to one million windows have been fitted with the Link Vent trickle ventilator, since its launch by Glazpart in 2016.

The vents, which are the size of a traditional 2000 vent, provide the performance of a typical 4000 vent.

As only one vent type and rout size is required to meet the minimum regulatory requirements of Approved Document F, fabricators have benefitted from the reduction in stock while speeding routing in production, the company said.

Smaller windows can now also comply due to the smaller 235mm vent size.

“It’s a worrying thought, wondering how many small downstairs cloakrooms, pantry and utility room windows have been fitted with a 2000 vent which does not comply to the minimum requirements,” the company said.

Installers have benefited from the faster installation using the standard fitting clips but still with the ability to screw the vents on. The issue of broken or lost end caps on the job is eliminated as there aren’t any to be lost. And premium colour finishes match the increasing number of coloured profiles.

Dean Bradley, sales and marketing manager, said: “The Link vent has been a roaring success as it addresses many of the concerns expressed by the fenestration market and householders alike.

“Household air quality improves as the product is used in the home, due to a product designed with a very low air leakage and it is available in a wide-ranging colour palette, making it less obtrusive.”