Magnetic appeal from Morley Glass

Ease of installation and popularity with homeowners due to a ‘simple, reliable and cordless operating mechanism’ mean the SV & SV+ integral blind systems continue to account for the majority of Uni-Blinds sales.

These two Venetian integral blind systems, which are both operated using a patented magnetic slider positioned to the side of the window, accounted for around 80% of all Uni-Blinds sales in 2023 according to data from Morley Glass.

Managing director, Ian Short, commented: “Fitting an integral blind system is straightforward whichever Uni-Blinds system you choose, but the SV and SV+ sliding Venetians are particularly simple. The IGU is supplied complete with the blind unit sealed permanently within it, which means all you have to do is fit the IGU as you would normally and, once in place, attach the magnetic slider to the profile on the face of the glass – it’s that simple.

“Homeowners love them too because the magnetic slider takes care of all functions – raising, lowering and tilting of the slats. No external cords, wiring or electrical connections to think about as it works through the power of magnetism.”

The Uni-Blinds SV integral blind system features a headrail which houses the main blind unit, and a narrow side rail at the left or right to enable the magnetic slider to function. The SV+ works in exactly the same way as the SV, but it provides a symmetrical appearance thanks to a siderail being visible left and right, regardless of which side is used for the magnetic slider.

The patented magnetic systems, known as the SL20SV and SL20SV+, are encapsulated within double glazed units featuring a 20mm cavity. The magnetic slider can be placed on the right or left-hand edge of the glass with a narrow adhesive transparent profile guiding the linear movement of the slider.

Ian continued: “Innovation is at the core of the SV and SV+ systems because of the way it is designed with friction reduction in mind. Its closed-loop belt transmission system allows for smooth and long-lasting function of the blind, making these systems super reliable with minimal need for repairs or service call-backs.”

Homeowners can choose from 14 colours for the Venetian SV and SV+ integral blind systems, including anthracite, black and agate grey, which are exclusive to Morley Glass. There is also a choice of colours for the header, side rails and slider.

As with all Uni-Blinds integral blind systems, the SV and SV+ are available in as little as 10-12 working days when ordered by 10am on any Thursday.