Made to measure by Force 8

Specifying an arched frame can be daunting, especially when it comes to determining the radius measurements. A single incorrect dimension in the wrong place could lead to a costly mistake, resulting in an arched frame that doesn’t fit – a nightmare for installers.

Such a scenario might prompt installers to decline work or seek assistance from a more experienced installation company, potentially losing out on additional work and profit.

Force 8 offers a straightforward solution: the company will handle the measurements for you on the first order and demonstrate how to specify an arched, curved, or unconventional shape frame simultaneously.

First-time customers who are uncertain about the process can benefit from the assistance of an experienced Force 8 technician for their initial arched frame order, regardless of their location.

“We can guide them through the measurement process, ensure accurate dimensions, assist with completing and processing the order, and provide helpful advice,” commented Lisa Mottershead, operations director at Force 8.

“We are constantly seeking ways to enhance our customer service, and while this may seem like a simple idea, we believe it will resonate with many customers and demystify the process. It’s a practical solution for a common problem, which is what we are all about here at Force 8″

The company has been at the forefront of profile bending for over 35 years. According to Force 8, it is one of the few PVC-U bending companies capable of bending a full length of profile, resulting in a superior finish without breaks or weld marks.

This achievement is attributed to a hot oil method, rather than the conventional hot air system, which is said to produce a ‘seamless’ arched frame that is also structurally stronger.

Force 8 has concentrated on two main profile selections: Veka and Halo and has made investments in software, state-of-the-art CNC machinery, and a precision milling machine dedicated solely to Veka.

Force 8 founder, Dennis Sumner, said: “Achieving our level of quality bending would be unattainable if we were bending multiple profiles and constantly changing settings, tooling, formers, and software.

“We prefer to be true masters of our craft, rather than jacks of all trades. This approach also enables us to maintain an extensive inventory of Veka and Halo profiles, ensuring a consistent availability of a wide array of sections, which would be nearly impossible with multiple profile brands and sections.”