Framexpress ignites interest at Fire Safety Event

Following its debut exhibition at last year’s London Build Expo, Framexpress is said to be reflecting on another successful show after its fire door range ‘ignited interest’ among visitors at the Fire Safety Event 2024.

Less than a year post-launch of its Fire Doors by Framexpress range, the Telford-based fabricator used the recent Fire Safety Event to demonstrate its third-party certified composite fire doors.

Jonny Green, principal product manager at Framexpress commented: “With a dedicated focus on achieving and maintaining the highest standards of fire safety, we saw the Fire Safety Event as the perfect place to continue the discussions around how we can meet the demands for fire safety products, which were a key talking point at last year’s London Build Expo.

“We have ambitions of becoming the leading supplier of third-party certified composite fire doors, so to be able to demonstrate and discuss our range with visitors, some of which weren’t aware of our fire door offering, was extremely valuable. Plus, with our two additional BM Trada Q Mark certifications for Fire Door Installation and Fire Door Maintenance, it was a further opportunity to showcase our comprehensive range of certifications that supports the entire Golden Thread and meets the demands for fire safety products.”

In addition to the new certifications, Fire Doors by Framexpress is fully tested and compliant with BM Trada Q Mark Third Party Accreditation Schemes for Fire, Smoke and Security. They are also fire tested to EN1634-1:2014 & A1:2018, tested to EN1634-3:2004 for fire resistance and smoke control and PAS 24: 2022 for security.

The doorset also benefits from a purpose-developed GRP with fire resistant additives, which works in conjunction with an AV2 autolocking system which was proven to limit door leaf distortion during fire testing, to provide 30 minutes of fire protection.

Following the launch of its Fire Doors by Framexpress range in 2023, Framexpress has expanded its production facility by 15,000ft2, solely dedicated to its fire door production.