Keeping websites working hard

By Richie Thornton, director at The Consultancy.

The Coronavirus crisis has turbocharged the digital economy, with internet browsing, social media use and online retail sales all hitting record levels during and after the lockdown.

Even as we all adjust to a new, socially distanced normal with greater freedoms punctuated by local or intermittent lockdowns, there is a growing recognition across the entire economy that there is no going back when it comes to the shift online.

Across the whole of the fenestration industry, that means businesses are having to look more closely than ever before at their web presence to make sure that it is working as hard and as effectively as possible for them.

Here at The Consultancy, we have been pulling out all the stops over recent months supporting clients with existing websites and developing sites for new customers who are trying to strengthen their online offering.

One of the new initiatives introduced this month is a new hosting service which ensures that clients’ websites are always kept fully up to date.

‘Hosting Pro’ enables both new and existing clients to pay a fixed monthly fee to ensure that their websites do not degrade after launch and are proactively maintained with everything from security patches to browser updates.

If you neglect maintenance and updates on your website, even on a new one, eventually the user experience will suffer. This new service helps our clients avoid that and gives them peace of mind that their website is always working as hard as it can.