New energy efficient tapes

Improved energy efficiency of the entire window installation, not just the frame, can be provided by the ISO Bloco 600 range of self-adhesive sealant tapes from ISO-Chemie.

The pre-compressed tapes, which and are both BBA and Passivhaus certified, can be used on joints up to 42mm, providing a high-performance weather tightness and thermal/acoustic insulation seal for fenestration applications.

Quickly applied by hand around the frame during fitting, ISO Bloco ONE 600 are energy rated weathertight thermal and acoustic tapes which reduce heat loss and noise ingress to a U-value better than or equal to the frame.

This assures property and homeowners that a comprehensive A rated installation can been completed rather than just an A rated window supplied, the company said.

The tapes can accommodate a temperature range of -30°-+90° and is impermeable to driving rain with a minimum of 600Pa. Once installed, a building will also be better protected from elemental factors like wind, dust and moisture ingress by accommodating the changes in structural movement caused by environmental, cyclical and settlement factors.

Andy Swift, ISO Chemie’s sales and operations manager, said: “Most property owners don’t realise that they have energy inefficient window windows until they feel a cold draught from somewhere, or their bills increase due to extra heat required to keep the room warm.

“This is because a new window installation may have a fantastic U value, retaining warmth, but the window itself is sealed within the building with a poorly performing silicone seal. This allows the heat in the room to be unable to penetrate the glass and accelerating its escape around the perimeter of the frame.”