Introducing Viiu

Viiu (pronounced ‘view’) has launched into the UK sliding door market.

Offering ultra-slim sightlines, secure laminated glass throughout, automatic obstruction detection, a choice of wall-mounted or key fob operation, and easy motor access for maintenance and repair, the team at Viiu believe it is one of the most advanced aluminium doors ever produced.

Sales director Rod Tate said: “With Viiu, we’ve taken all the elements that make slimline door products so popular and perfected them. End-users love slim sightlines, so we’ve made them as minimal as possible. The motorised option’s drive gear is discreetly housed inside its 100mm head profile which is hidden behind the building’s facade – most competitor products require chunky head profiles up to 300mm in height to house their motors that reduces the amount of transparent space.

“We know that homeowners also love wide sections of glass, so we’ve designed a door that’s strong and tough enough to move glass sections up to 750kg in weight effortlessly. And they love sleek, symmetrical design, so Viiu’s electric locking mechanism is cleverly concealed in the head of the outer frame, and a patented interlock section offers perfect alignment.”