Identifiable and traceable

ES-GuardS, the advanced laser marking system from Hegla boraident, makes non-destructive, permanent marks on glass without influencing the material’s properties.

If the marking is made in the form of a QR or data matrix code, the pane will be uniquely identifiable at all times. And if the marking process is fully automated and carried out prior to cutting, later mix-ups will be virtually impossible, the company said.

If the data relevant to a code has been stored in the administrative system or production software, it can be retrieved easily by simply scanning the code. This allows owners to track where a specific piece of glass originated, and which stations it passed through on its way to the customer or the construction site.

If a pane needs to be re-ordered, the original specifications can be generated and forwarded for order approval at the push of a button.

Laser marking and automated access to the associated data also provides benefits for workflows and operating staff, the company said. Depending on the production integration depth, scanning can be used to trigger downstream production steps, retrieve the status of an order, or generate data for process organisation or optimisation.