Everyone deserves excellence

By Satinal.

Satinal is an Italian exporter of interlayers and machinery for safety glass, appreciated for its high standards and for its recognisable Italian style.

The service that Satinal dedicates to every customer is constantly up to the standards of EVA technologies and films, for which the Italian company is internationally recognised.

Thanks to the design and production of TK furnaces for lamination, chemical tempering and thermal tempering of safety glass, following 4.0 industry guidelines, and the intuition to develop the first and only Italian EVA film, branded Strato, Satinal has gained technical and scientific knowledge, which translates into benefits for the customer.

TK develops machinery to manufacture safety glass. Its clients can count on specialised support at every stage of the product design and supply, with visits and inspections on site, both pre- and post-sale in order to analyse the real needs of the client, customise the production processes, and identify the most performing features to be included in the machine.

After purchase, the technical department installs and tests the system, and guides the customer on the proper use and maintenance of the machine, through special one-to-one lessons and ensuring H24 assistance in case of need.

For customers interested in Strato interlayer supplies, Satinal offers constant support during the order, both regarding the film selection, the product compatibility verification, and the analysis of the rolling process and its peculiarities, in order to deliver products and knowledge that simplify and optimise every production chain, both from the technical and commercial point of view.

Customers can take advantage of the internal research and development laboratory of Satinal, S-Lab, to test products, carry out various trials (according to European and American standards), develop new possible applications, and request the technical-scientific advice of the company’s experts.

Satinal, lastly, includes among its service strengths the speedy deliveries throughout Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East; thanks to the incoming quality controls on raw materials of European origin, the company radically reduces production times and is able to guarantee the finished product delivery up to 48 hours.

For Satinal every customer deserves excellence.