Heritage sector support

Deceuninck has launched a support package for the heritage window sector.

“We launched our comprehensive Heritage Window Collection at the beginning of the year and as we’ve reported recently, demand for the product has exceeded our expectations,” Deceuninck’s Rob McGlennon said.

“The reason for this success is in part thanks to the fact we have designed and manufactured a unique and innovative product, but it’s also thanks to the tangible support we have offered customers alongside.

“Our approach is built on relationships – building honest and open relationships with our customers to make sure we’re giving them what they need to succeed. We don’t make the sale and walk away – we offer ongoing support to help customers understand and maximise on the opportunities in the heritage sector.

“Our sales and marketing departments spend time with customers to find out what support they need to achieve their business growth targets and in what ways we can help. We offer a vast resource of experience and expertise that can be used by our network of fabricators and their installer customers. It’s something we intend to build on further too.”

Natalie Witczak, senior business manager at Connaught Windows, said: “The marketing team has provided us with a number of different brochures which we offer to our customers for sales support, along with profile colour bar sections to support our customers on site.

“[Deceuninck has] also been a great support for those customers with showrooms who want sample windows. We want the right products and great service from our suppliers but Deceuninck genuinely delivers so much more than this which in turn helps us and our customers stand out from the competition.”