Hands-free operation

Schueco has launched BlueCon, an access control module that uses Bluetooth wireless technology, so that a smartphone can open the front door.

With Schueco BlueCon in place, a smartphone app will activate the door lock as soon as the user comes within 4m of the door, allowing them to enter the building without using a key or even touch the handle.

Schueco BlueCon consists of a small hardware module integrated directly into the door rebate (vent frame or outer frame), which connects to the cable of an electric door lock, activating it on demand. The module is not visible when the door is closed.

Suitable for both Schueco ADS and ADS SimplySmart profiles, the BlueCon module – which employs a simple plug-and-play connection – can be retrofitted to any door with an electric locking system.

BlueCon can also be set for manual activation (through swiping a key on the smartphone), and can be programmed with a variety of additional access authorisations to enable entry by children and guests.