Help keep the noise down

Titon has reported a 50% increase in year-on-year sales of its range of SF Xtra Sound Attenuator ventilators.

The company said this can be attributed to the growing number of acoustic rated specifications throughout the UK, especially with demand for new homes resulting in more properties being built near to roads and other noisy environments.

The SF Xtra Sound Attenuator vents keep external noise levels down to more acceptable volumes, as well as provide sufficient air flow in accordance with the Building Regulations for ventilation, when used in the correct quantities.

Tyson Anderson, sales and marketing director at Titon, said: “These products have outstanding acoustic capabilities, which help reduce unwanted noise in a wide variety of applications, either as part of a new build or retrofit project. In fact, our SF Xtra SA vents keep sound levels down to more acceptable, habitable levels, reducing noise pollution – which can just as harmful to occupants’ health as unwanted airborne particles.”

Suitable for domestic and commercial installations, in certain situations the SF Xtra Sound Attenuator can be retrofitted over Titon’s standard 13mm slot. A high performance gasket on the ventilator improves the sealing in adverse conditions, while the vent can also be mounted to deflect air upwards or downwards. Plus, a number of special paint finishes are also available.