Garden office goals

William Woods, MD of IDF Aluminium, recently embarked on a new enterprise: manufacturing and installing modular garden office buildings, using Alutech’s BF73 aluminium profile system for bifold doors, which allows rooms to be taken down and relocated.

Sister company Aliwoods will be taking care of sales and logistics.

William is targeting the growing trend for home offices that have found a market since the start of the pandemic last year, when companies were forced to adapt their working practices to allow more staff to work from home.

Although restrictions have begun to be lifted, some of the changes to the way we live will undoubtedly remain, the company said.

“I started developing this concept a few years ago but have invested heavily in it more recently in light of an increased demand,” William said. “There are three size options available, and all come fitted with a set of Alutech bifolding doors as standard.

“We began by installing three show models but have already started selling them and are currently in the process of updating our website.”