Futureproof your business

By Tim Taylor, commercial director, Veka

With the economic climate causing us all issues, fabricators and installers are looking for new ways to secure leads.

In 2008, the UK weathered the worst recession in its history, but despite that, research shows that home improvement spending increased, particularly amongst luxury products. Our industry didn’t just survive, it thrived.

To secure revenue, we diversified our products and services. This resulted in a better product portfolio, with improved quality and choice. Arming ourselves with those improved products and continuing to innovate has proved invaluable.

Let’s talk about the vertical slider. It is, of course, the default style for heritage buildings, but we are also seeing a rise in it being specified in luxury new build developments, as architects and designers recognise not only the elegance of this traditional style, but also, its superior ventilation performance.

Most UK windows are now replacements of replacements, which means that homeowners are giving more consideration to their choice, and are willing to invest in enhancing features such as style, hardware, and colour. The Imagine vertical slider offers traditional design that boasts the modern performance benefits of PVC-U.

Designed and launched in 2018, this new generation window hosts 30 ‘clever little details’ and is still the most technically advanced VS on the market.

Veka customer, Window Warehouse, has recognised the opportunity this high-end product can offer and has recently undertaken a successful expansion project, which has enabled it to begin fabrication of the Imagine VS.

In these uncertain times, investing in luxury may seem an unusual thing to do, but history has shown that there is a market out there. By offering homeowners this affordable, accessible, heritage system, you could start to explore it.