Fresh start to the new year

Synseal Group has entered the new year with a fresh start and the introduction of a new customer service system.

With the launch of Synseal Group Helpdesk, customers can now track their enquiries in real time, find out who is dealing with their query, and give customer feedback on the service received.

The software generates a unique ticket number when an enquiry is logged from a telephone call or via an email enquiry. The ticket number can be tracked by customers from a link they receive in their acknowledgement email, as well as by Synseal teams involved in the resolution process.

The key advantage for customers is that all information is stored in one central location including all emails, notes and attachments. This solution makes the process more streamlined, particularly for enquiries which need input from multiple departments at Synseal, and ensures that every customer receives the same level of service regardless of which team member is handling their enquiry.

Steve Brown, products and customer services director at Synseal, said: “Synseal Group Helpdesk provides our customers with a really transparent system where they can track their enquiries and find out the steps our aftercare teams are taking to resolve their issue.

“This is a real game changer in the way we provide customer service across our product range as it enables us to add a more personal touch to our delivery while also reducing response times and managing our teams’ targets more effectively.

“It is our ambition to ensure that we don’t close any enquiry until we have spoken to the customer and they have confirmed they are 100% happy with the resolution. Until that point, we will continue to do everything we can to fix the problem.”

The software has been developed by Freshdesk, one of the leading customer service platforms known for working with household brands including ITV, Rightmove and Abel and Cole.

The process of rolling out our Synseal Group Helpdesk to 150 users across our product range and multiple sites is being managed by Freshdesk project leader Emily-Mae Anderson, who will make sure the system continually meets customer needs both now and in the future.

The system is now live, so customers getting in touch with enquiries in the usual way will now automatically receive a trackable ticket number linked to the Helpdesk.

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