Frameless balustrading system

Balconette has launched the SG12 fully frameless balustrading system.

Particularly suitable for balconies, the system is also designed for outdoor applications, such as providing a protective barrier for a decking area or mezzanine.

The SG12 fully frameless system doesn’t require posts or handrails. It can be fitted either above or below finished floor level, or an elliptical handrail can be added on top of the glass panels.

The system uses 21.5mm laminated and toughened glass panels. When fitted above floor level, the glass sits securely within a robust base track, which is finished with an anodised aluminium cover plate, available in either a silver or royal chrome finish.

The system can also be installed below finished floor level with the supporting base track hidden from view. This creates the illusion of an almost invisible barrier with just glass rising from the floor.

“For purchasers whose requirement to preserve clear views is absolutely imperative, then our SG12 fully frameless glass balustrades fit the bill perfectly,” Balconette’s CEO Effi Wolff said.