Living up to the hype

Sierra Windows’ sales director Paul Tranter discusses the new Optima system from Profile 22.

The window industry is full of products claiming to be the first of their kind, the most innovative on the market, and the simplest to install – but it’s been a long time since we’ve seen technological advancements that live up to the hype. In fact, fenestration has been treading water for a number of years.

Now, however, a new system from Profile 22 has changed all that, and partnering with Paignton-based Sierra Windows, they’re bringing this product to installers across the UK.

Today, much of the industry’s focus – for homeowners, fabricators and installers alike – is on energy efficiency, and Optima does not disappoint in this area.

With six chambers – RCM inserts can take this figure up to eight – Optima boasts not only unbeatable rigidity, but also outstanding thermal performance. When used in conjunction with argon-filled IGUs, this system can reach U-values as low as 0.8W/m2K and meets the Passivhaus standard. The system has achieved an A++ Window Energy Rating and can benefit from Optima’s 10mm gasket coverage, which provides excellent draught-proofing.

At present, this system is available in both chamfered and sculpted configurations and can be tailored for use on modern or period properties. The system also comes with a choice of ancillaries and add-on products and is compatible with a wide range of glazing options, including 24mm and 28mm double glazing and 36mm and 40mm triple glazing.

Profile 22 incorporated a central Eurogroove, which give the sashes extra strength. The product’s bead systems also pass security tests without glazing clips and Optima is already prepared for the proposed enhancements to PAS24.

Optima includes a deeper drainage channel and offers strategic local wall thickening, allowing for improved screw and hardware retention and ease of installation. The floating mullion featured in Profile 22’s doors is self-holding on first fix, which means it can be quickly and easily clipped in.

Aside from its simple installation Optima also has other potential benefits for installers. By incorporating this system into their business, installers can offer consumers the chance to purchase a next-generation profile that will not only meet but exceed the quality standards of the future. In turn, this will help installers to future-proof their businesses and boost sales.