Flooding in

Veka Group has partnered with UK Flood Barriers, becoming the exclusive supplier of PVCU profile for its Flood Angel brand of flood defence windows and doors.

John Hunt, business development manager for Veka Group, said: “Flood Angel currently produces around 150 doors each week for the domestic and commercial markets. We’re pleased to have demonstrated the added benefits that Veka profile will bring to these products, and look forward to working in partnership.”

Besides Flood Angel’s domestic flood solutions, parent company UK Flood Barriers delivers commercial contracts and flood prevention measures for riverside and coastal areas. One such contract involved building and installing retractable flood barriers for a university hospital in New York. The installation was put to the test when the River Hudson broke its banks, and the barrier withstood its forces.

“The company boasts its own training school, and will only work with customers who have completed the course and illustrated that they can fit their products correctly,” John said.

“The company has its own in-house flood tank facilities, and we’re exploring tests to assess Veka’s French doors with a view to broadening the fenestration options available for homes and business properties in flood risk areas.”

With Ian McNiffe, Veka Group’s technical service engineer (south) overseeing the tooling and software setup, the partners hope to produce initial ‘try out’ units within the next month.