Fire collaboration

Aluprof and Pyroguard have completed a testing programme for a new fire-resistant glazing system for the UK and European market.

Following two years of collaboration, the new MB-45EW framing system has been developed and tested for applications where non-insulated screens and doors are required.

The slim system exceeds the current ratings of E30 and EW requirements with additional radiation reduction. Suitable for internal applications, the framing system also offers a smoke-proof screen arrangement with doors, compliant with EN13502-2.

Pyroguard Integrity Plus glass is the first fire glazing tested and certified for the new system delivering El 15 and EW30 fire performance along with 1B1 impact protection.

Wojciech Brozyna, managing director at Aluprof UK, said: “As we’ve strived to deliver a solution which is effective, cost-efficient and aesthetically pleasing to suit the needs of specifiers today, we’ve had to overcome several challenges. The expertise of Pyroguard has been invaluable and by combining our efforts throughout the testing phase we have created a solution which exceeds current safety requirements to deliver advanced protection.”

Vince Crook, technical director at Pyroguard, said: “Glazing often plays a vital role in modern buildings, but meeting functional safety requirements needn’t come at the expense of aesthetics. By collaborating with Aluprof, we’ve been able to develop a fully-accredited and certified framing solution that uses the key characteristics of our high-performing products – namely design and 1B1-classified impact protection – in addition to essential EI 15 and EW30 safety requirements.”