Dramatic renovation

Xtralite provided rooflights to a popular tourist attraction in the heart of London that has benefitted from a dramatic £24 million renovation which has transformed the building and its interior.

The National Army Museum, situated in the heart of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, is home to army memorabilia, and a series of new displays and interactive exhibits tell the story of the British Army.

During the renovation several rooflights needed to be replaced, which were chosen due to the thermal values offered and the compliance above and beyond Part L Building Regulations.

A feature rooflight (measuring 11m x 5.86m) in the atrium of the building required a cold smoke ventilation openable by fireman switch. This louvre system is tested to EN12101-2 for natural smoke venting, EN12207 for air permeability, and EN12208 for water tightness.

Two X-Span self-supporting monopitch roof lights were commissioned for the Templar Study Centre, which will provide a space for learning.

Jim Lowther from Xtralite said: “Fulfilling such a wide range of specifications highlights the flexibility of our product range and capabilities to facilitate both refurbishment in old buildings while providing a modern facility for visitors and employees.”