Factory expansion

Slenderline Glass has doubled its factory space following a period of growth for its specialist slimline sealed units.

Slenderline Glass, part of the Kent-based EJ Cocker Group, saw a 20% increase in sales this July compared to July last year, and recently took the decision to invest in more factory space and new machinery to accommodate demand.

Andy Cocker, director of Slenderline Glass and the EJ Cocker Group, said: “We launched Slenderline Glass in 2012 and it now accounts for 50% of our total group production. The number joiners, of builders and installers buying our specialist slimline units is increasing every year, and we decided now was the right time to invest in our manufacturing facility.

“The heritage and conservation market is absolutely booming and it’s a very exciting time for Slenderline Glass and our customers.”

Slenderline Glass specialises in advanced insulated glass units for all heritage and sash windows. Its slimline sealed units combine authentic, traditional aesthetics with ultra-modern performance and are available in 12mm, 14mm and 16mm options to match all traditional rebates.

All Slenderline Glass units combine both the warm edge technology of Super Spacer and either argon or krypton gas.

The firm has found success through its compliance with the strict guidelines of the UK’s conservation areas. Through its sympathetic design, accurate dimensions and high-performance, Slenderline sealed units have become the solution of choice for listed buildings, meeting the needs of the buoyant restoration and replication markets.