Expanding into new markets

Bill Butters has used Residence Collection to expand into new markets it couldn’t access before.

The Dorset based trade PVC and aluminium fabricator now makes Residence 7 (R7) and Residence2 (R2), having started with Residence 9 (R9) when it was first launched five years ago.

Bill Butters’ purchasing director Matt Kelly said: “R9 is the best looking window out there. It’s an opportunity for our customers to get into bigger, more affluent, and older properties. And it’s really easy to install on properties with old timber windows because its 100mm frame depth fills the gap the old windows leave.”

Bill Butters now makes all the systems in the Residence Collection, including R2, the 100mm square edge system designed as an aluminium alternative, and R7, the 75mm flush sash window that suits both traditional and contemporary homes.  

“R7 is R9’s little brother,” Matt said. “Its 75mm frame depth makes it very easy to replace standard 70mm windows without the mess. It’s an easy sell because from the outside it has all the looks of R9, but inside homes it’s slim and sleek. Homeowners get the best of both worlds.”



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