Endurance launches new locking system

Endurance Doors has developed a new PAS 24 certified, multi-point locking system for use across its range.

Called the Guardian5, the system has been designed from the ground up to offer multiple benefits – including exceptional levels of security, impressive reliability and a more fitter friendly design.

Specifically, the Guardian5 employs five, strategically located, twin deadbolts. These deadbolts, which are nickel-plated, have a 20mm throw which fully inserts into heavy-duty, high-grade steel keeps.

An engineered alloy sprung latch and a further nickel-plated steel deadbolt also ensure maximum strength in the door’s centre, whilst an advanced sprung gearbox enables the lowest possible operating forces and helps to prevent handle ‘droop’.

In addition, the new locking system is designed to make fitting doors easier for Endurance’s installer partners. It offers greater tolerances when throwing the deadbolts as well as superior frame compression.

According to Endurance, not only does this latter feature provide the homeowner with a better experience when opening and closing the door, but it also allows installers more movement and flexibility during the fitting process.

The new Guardian5 system is non-handed and has been tested to 100,000 cycles.

Scott Foster, sales and marketing director at Endurance Doors, commented: “At Endurance Doors, we have a highly active programme of product research and development, and we are continually looking for ways to enhance our products both for the benefit of the homeowner and our installer partners.

“This ongoing commitment manifests itself in many ways and in the last few months alone, we have launched new door colours, new hardware, and new glazing options. The introduction of the Guardian5 system adds to that. Plus, we have further exciting developments to unveil in the not-so-distant future as our already impressive offer continues to grow and evolve.”