Epwin’s U-Comply N calculator adding value

Epwin Window Systems has confirmed an increase in downloads of its thermal efficiency calculator, ‘U-Comply N’, by customers calculating the thermal performance and transmittance of their window and door specifications.

The U-Comply N online tool is fully accredited by the BSI and the BFRC and can be used to prove a product’s compliance with Part L of Building Regulations.

Gerald Allen, head of marketing at Epwin, said: “With the changes to Part L, the compliance aspect is gaining significance across all market sectors – over 2,600 calculation reports have been generated by our customers in the past 12 months alone, each based on their chosen specification, including profile, glazing unit, reinforcing and more.”

The U-Comply N reports have increased in importance since the introduction of the updated Part L of Building Regulations last year, which was the stepping stone to the Future Homes Standard in 2025.

Gerald commented: “To demonstrate compliance with Part L, decision-making must be documented throughout the design process. Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) assessors and local building control need to see the decisions and how designs meet the new regulations. The U-Comply N reports provide this evidence.”

The U-Comply N calculator is part of Epwin’s Connect digital platform, which aims to elevate customer support across all business touchpoints.

The calculator builds on the support Connect was able to offer when the Building Regulations were updated last year, when it provided a wide range of practical guidance, including hosting live stream Q&A sessions to assist customers in navigating the complexities of the new legislation.