Double door solutions from Winkhaus

Winkhaus UK says it is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of multi-point locking systems, tailored to meet the requirements of its customers.

With a modern mix of security and style, its double door solutions are said to be no exception, with a range suitable for every eventuality. Designed with versatility and flexibility in mind, the Winkhaus double door multi-point locking systems are tested to comply with PAS:24 and the Police Secured by Design initiative.

Single handle locks

Compatible with all Winkhaus’ multi-point locking systems, FAB is a high security slave door with an integrated two-way lever which engages two heavy duty shootbolts. This eliminates the need for an additional handle and cylinder, making it the ideal solution for a sleek, modern double door design. With sizes ranging from 1,853mm to 2,880mm that suit French doors and main entrances with side panels, FAB caters to modern design and accessibility needs.

Double handle locks

Winkhaus’ other slave door options maintain a classic appearance with handles on both the slave and masterlock.

Winkhaus’ FGTE is suitable for composite and timber double doors, compatible with the Thunderbolt and Cobra multi-point locking solutions, and has the capability for door designs exceeding 3m in height.

Similar to FGTE but crafted for aluminium doors, UGTE features a U-rail and accommodates a diverse range of door sizes, and integrates with Winkhaus’ Thunderbolt, Cobra and Trulock multi-point locking systems.

Tailored for double doors with a dummy mullion, FGTI is a locking system compatible on timber, aluminium and PVC-U constructions. FGTI uses the Cobra masterlock, consisting of two high tensile steel hooks, latch and deadbolt and incorporates shootbolts on both the slave and master doors, ensuring its security. Lever operation facilitates the engagement of 25mm throw hooks, ensuring smooth system operation.

Like all its multi-point locking systems, Winkhaus’ Double Door range features an innovative Nano Protect coating as standard, which protects the hardware from corrosion and the ability to recover from everyday wear and tear. Winkhaus’ locking solutions are produced in its state-of-the-art facilities in Germany for ‘uncompromised security’.