Denser than iron

Ultion WXM has extra molybdenum (25% denser than iron), following a redesign by Brisant-Secure to increase its strength and durability.

The BS EN1303 test requires standard 3-Star locks to achieve 100,000 cycles. If the lock and key meet the required 100,000 cycles, it can be sold in the UK with this accreditation. Ultion WXM is still going strong at 300,000 cycles.

It’s the extra molybdenum that is keeping it going strong, the company said.

Brisant-Secure said research has shown that over 85% of door buyers say security is the most important factor when buying a door, and they’re prepared to pay for high performance and build quality.

In Ultion WXM the two-part plug has increased engagement with the new curved cap and this section is moulded from molybdenum. This is then coupled with the thicker WXM key. Improved drill protection is delivered with 20 anti-drill points, and the core shielded with a new molybdenum plug.

Lockdown Mode becomes Double Lockdown Mode.