In demand sales kits

Requests for the new Smartglass Dynamic sample kits have exceeded two hundred, with companies and individuals keen to try out the self-tinting, self-tinting glass.

There has been considerable investment in these handy-sized sample kits, which encourages users to place a sample piece of Smartglass Dynamic in any hot liquid for 30 seconds. After such time the glass has transformed from a clear to a darkened state, reflective of the process that occurs when this glass technology is exposed to direct sunlight in various window, door and glazed roof elements.

Depending upon the surface temperature of Smartglass Dynamic, it offers a clear state close to that of a standard glass unit and, at the other end of the spectrum, a darkened state that not only tints but offers considerable solar control with a g-value of 10%.

Jason McCabe commercial and site director of Clayton Glass said: “The number of requests for the glass has exceeded expectations by some way in just a matter of weeks. We believe this technology has considerable scope for the conservatory sector in particular, given the fact we can make units in any shape and delivered nationwide within 10-14 days from point of order.”