Demand for flush windows has skyrocketed

Demand for flush products has risen significantly over the last few years, according to the latest figures from Google, with online searches increasing by more than 500%.

The findings, compiled by Purplex Marketing, show that between 2017 and 2019, the average number of times ‘flush windows’ was googled has increased by 540%.

There were on average 320,000 searches for ‘flush windows’ in 2019 alone and those searches produced more than twice as many results compared to 2017.

In 2017, Google registered on average 480,000 searches for ‘flush sash windows’ and 2020 is already on track to smash those results with an average of 390,000 searches in the first quarter alone.

Richard Bryant, commercial director at Window Ware, said that increasing flush demand has been felt across all sectors of the industry.

“When you’re working deep in the industry bubble, it’s not impossible for there to be a disconnect between the industry and the end user,” he said.“That is to say, we think we know what the hot products and key topics for homeowners are, but in reality they’re talking about other things. However, this latest data shows consumers are truly onboard with flush and are in fact driving this tremendous demand.

“These findings accurately reflect what we are seeing here at Window Ware, where our flush-friendly Regal Hardware range is in high demand. We’ve seen an overwhelming response from fabricators of all sizes and now we have 150 customers taking advantage of our dual-purpose heritage hardware. As the Google data suggests, we can only see demand continuing to grow among this buoyant market segment.”

The Regal Hardware range of handles, stays and pegs expertly replicates the period aesthetics of 19th century ironmongery. Offering both monkey tail and pear drop designs, Regal Hardware provides an authentic, yet durable solution that can complement flush sash windows and add a heritage twist to standard 70mm window systems too.