Covid-19 sales

As Covid-19 changes how we work and live, Bohle has provided a rundown of those products which it says are maximising opportunities for glass processors as well as those for which it is seeing greatest demand.

Created as many glass processors return to work, Dave Broxton, managing director at Bohle, said that Covid-19 had created new opportunities while also delivering growth in some established ones.

“It’s fascinating to see where growth is coming from,” he said. “There are more obvious emerging markets, for example sneeze and cough screens and, in a similar area, speak holes.

“A growing number of established markets are also coming back since lockdown was eased, and the position on working in other people’s homes became clearer; for example, we’ve seen real growth in demand for shower fixings.

“It sets the scene for the glass processing sector as we go forward. Maximise returns in established markets as they return, but also make sure that where new ones are emerging, you’re primed to take advantage of them.”

Bohle’s product rundown:

Sneeze and cough screens. Bohle has launched VetroScreen, which clamps onto either side of the desk and is tightened to provide a secure fix for a screen without drilling. It’s also available as a free-standing option.

Speak holes and panels. Bohle supplies three different options: impact resistant polycarbonate speech panels for information desks, banks and gatehouses; lighter duty oval speak wholes with lock-up speak rosette; and open/close, utility doors.

Glass cleaner. Bohle’s sales of glass cleaner have jumped almost 10% in the last month as fit-out teams and glass processors introduce new surface cleaning regimes as part of safe working practices.

Gloves, masks, wipes and PPE. Bohle has reported a significant jump in sales of disposable gloves, masks, goggles and other personal protective equipment in April and May.

Suction lifters. As companies review their in-factory and on-site manual-handling procedures, Bohle has seen an uplift of sales in its range of Veribor suction lifters.

Office partitioning. A people return to work, this is creating a requirement for more defined working spaces while retaining the flow of light within previously open-plan environments. Frametec Select, like FrameTec, Bohle’s pre-existing office and domestic partitioning system, has been designed to be easy-to-install, while also offering sound insulation of up to 39db.

Internal sliding doors. Bohle’s internal glass sliding door system, MasterTrack provides an alternative system for separating and defining space.

Balustrading. Bohle says that since restrictions were lifted, it has seen an uplift in demand for its residential balustrading system VetroMount.

Shower and bathroom fittings. Bohle says that it has seen a significant uplift in demand for shower and bathroom fittings, plus metal to glass primers and adhesives, as the industry and home improvement gets back to work.

Glazing shovels. Guidance on safe working practices during Covid-19 encourage workers not to share tools. This may explain the uplift in sales seen by Bohle at the beginning of May in sales of glazing shovels, as window and door installers prepared for the return to work.